EZ MPEG TO RM Converter

Batch conversion from MPEG, MPG, DAT, VCD TO RM format.

EZ MPEG TO RM Converter is a powerful media conversion engine internally so that you can convert media files with very fast speed. it convert MPEG, MPG and DAT files to RM, With a very easy to use interface you can also convert video file.

EZ MPEG To RM Converter is very easy to use, just two clicks to convert MPEG to RM.

You only need to pay $12.95 to register the software. You'll convert video files without any limitation after registration.

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1. Convert MPEG to RM files.
2. Convert MPG to RM files.
3. Convert DAT to RM files.
4. Convert VCD to RM files.
5. Video Play.
6. Shut down the computer after the conversion finished.
7. With user-friendly-interface and converting your files is just a button click away, you'll be an experter in no time!
8. and many more!

Minimum System Requirements:

Processor type: Intel® Pentium®

Processor speed: 348 MHz

Memory (Cache): 16 MB RAM

Hard disk: IDE

Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Graphics: 16bits colors @ 640 x 480

Drives: IDE or SCSI CD-Rom

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